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FAQ Lash Extensions

Does it Damage My Natural Lashes?

100% No IF applied properly, lash extensions should be applied by an educated lash tech and with professional products. If the lashes are not isolated properly or too much glue is applied or even if the lash extension itself is applied improperly to the natural lash, this can cause damage. However a Lash tech who has further education and classes like myself will not damage your lashes. In my experiences the lack of lash curling/mascara gives your natural lashes a break and actually increases the health of your natural lashes.


Can I Wear Mascara/Eye Makeup?

Mascara is a big NO, the ingredients in mascara break down the glue bond and reduce the retention of your lashes. Eye shadow and liquid liner are okay but gel liner is to thick to fully cleanse off. When wearing any type of eye makeup, please make sure to cleanse thoroughly so it doesn’t cause any extra weight or damage to your lashes.


Does it Hurt?

Absolutely Not, this process is actually very relaxing and most of my clients fall asleep.


How Long Does it Take?

A Classic Set typically takes 2 hours, setup and cleanup included. A Volume Set takes 2-3 hours depending on what type of look your going for.


What is the Process?

The process starts by cleansing your lashes thoroughly to make sure all oil or makeup residue is off the lashes to ensure proper application. Eye pads are places to cover/protect the bottom lashes from sticking to the top lashes. Then application of 1:1 or 4:1 is applied with proper technique. Once application is done then I follow with a mist of distilled water to cure the lashes. From here we go over lash aftercare with the option to purchase the Lash Wash. ($15)


Classic vs Volume?

Classic Lashes is the application of one classic lash to one natural lash of weight .15. With Volume I apply3-4D (3-4 strands) to one natural lash at a lighter weight of .07 to ensure the safety of your natural lashes.


Are They Permanent?

No, There is no type of Lash Extensions that are permanent.


How Long Do They Last?

Every client has a different time frame, but typically your lashes should last anywhere from 2-3 weeks. I do have my dime a dozen clients who can go 4 weeks in between fills. However we will determine your time frame with your preference and my professional opinion.


I Have a Lash Allergy, is There Anyway to Help?

After years of saying no I can finally say YES!! The professionals here at Blooming Beauty have had special training specific to eyelash extensions. If other artists will tell you there is no solution they have not yet had this industry changing training.

FAQ Ombre Powder Brows

Ombre Powder Brow vs. Microblading?

The difference between these two procedure is the technique, Ombre powder brow can be done manually or by machine depending on the technicians preference mostly done by machine which is my personal preference. I start by outlining the shape and then shading in the outline from tail to bulb creating a darker more saturated tail and lighter bulb for the most natural outcome. Microblading is done manually by a handheld disposable blade that creates hair like strokes in the skin, this method is very natural but from my knowledge doesn’t keep the clean crisp strokes for more than a year.




Does It Hurt?

Short Answer Yes, however I apply topical anesthetic (5% lidocaine gel) to reduce discomfort. I’ve found that doing one pass without numbing gel to break a layer of skin in order for the numbing cream to work properly and gives me a clean crisp outline. I also use gel vs. cream because the consistency of gel absorbs better and faster than cream.

Do you remove all the hair?

The hair you have we try and utilize as much as possible. Anything outside our desired shape will be removed to create a clean outline.


How Long Does it Take?

The first appointment typically takes anywhere from 2-3 hours. The longest part of the appointment is the brow mapping to make sure they are symmetrical to your specific facial features and structure. Color and shape are done according to your preference and my profession opinion and will always be your final decision.


How Long will it Stay?

The Short answer is 1-3 years HOWEVER, multiple things need to be taken into consideration when determining how long it will last. Your skin type plays a huge role, if you have normal to dry skin you are a great candidate. If you have oily skin the pigment might not stay as well with the excessive oil production, the oil pushes the pigment out of the body and mixing with the pigment causing it to lighten more. With oily skin you might require a second touch up and more frequent touch ups. If you are unsure of what skin type you have come in for a free consult to determine your skin type and discuss any skin concerns of yours and we will guide you in the right direction.


What Do I Do at Home?

All home aftercare will be discussed before and during the appointment to give you the best results possible. Aftercare ointment will be provided in the appointment as well as a copy of aftercare instructions.


What Do You Use?

I use multiple different products from different brands that I feel work well together and have gotten me great results. I use Tina Davis Pigments, Couture Brows Machine, 5% Gel Lidocaine, and A&D ointment.

Can I Workout?

It is not advised to workout for the first few days of a fresh service, the salt from your sweat can combine with the pigment causing it to push to the surface.

Will I Be A Good Candidate?

Over the years, it has become prominent that anyone that is considered a redhead or Fitz Patrick 1 will have some complications.

Heres a list of questions if you say yes to more than one you are considered a Fitz Patrick 1


1. Do you burn in the sun?

2. When you go to the dentist do they have to numb you more than usual?

3. Do you have light colored eyes?

4. Are you a redhead?

5. Do you have a fair skin complexion?

Typically those who are redheaded or on the Fitz patrick 1 scale tend to burn through lidocaine faster, meaning slightly more discomfort and bleeding.

Excess bleeding can lead to a red tint to the brows or less retention as the blood will push the pigment out. I will always go through this prior to starting the appointment and make sure that this is something you want to proceed with, it is possible but a second touchup may be required & a small fee.


Pre-Care Instructions    

  • Avoid alcohol 24 hours prior to your appt.

  • Avoid chemical peels minimum 1 week prior to appointment.

  • Discontinue the use of Retinol or Retin-A minimum 6 weeks prior to appointment.

  • If you are pregnant please reschedule your appointment, your deposit can be transferred.

  • Avoid any blood thinning medication such as aspirin.

  • Make sure to have a good meal prior to avoid any complications. 

  • Do NOT remove any hair, to ensure the best shape is customized.

Post-Care Instructions

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